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Disc Golf Putter Finder

Finding the perfect disc golf putter can be difficult. We've created this tool to assist you in narrowing down the options based on some of the most important criteria like rim depth, stability, and glide. Select your desired options from each drop down and use the filtered list to locate a potential match.

We're still working to obtain pictures for all of these putters. For now, many of the options below will not show an image after clicking.

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Destiny Super Puppy

Innova Aero

Innova Aviar

Innova Aviar KC Pro

Innova Aviar XD Plus

Innova Aviar Yeti

Innova Coupe

DGA Gumbputt

DGA Powerdrive Gumbputt

Innova Aviar Classic Putter

Innova Hammer

Innova Aviar XD

Innova Birdie

Innova Zephyr

Lightning Upshot

Discraft Magnet

Lightning Rubber Putter

Innova Pole Cat

Discraft Rattler

Millennium Omega

DGA Blowfly I

Innova Rhyno

Discraft APX

Lightning #2 Upshot

Lightning #2 Putter

Plastic Paradise Optimizer

Innova Ace

Discraft Putt'r

Gateway Chief

Discraft Challenger

Aerobie Arrow

Innova Hydra


Innova Bulldog

Aerobie Sharpshooter 3

Discraft Banger GT

Latitude 64 Sinus

Pacific Cycle Mercury Putter


RPM Temoko

Daredevil Beaver

Daredevil Woodchuck

Discmania P1 Maniac

Discmania P2 Psycho

Gateway Warlock

Latitude 64 Spike

Daredevil Polar Bear

DGA Titanic

Innova Sonic

DGA Reef

Gateway Magic

Innova Pig

Discraft Zone

DGA Blowfly II

Vibram VP

Vibram Summit

Innova Dart

Latitude 64 Pure

Discraft Ringer

Discraft Focus


Vibram Ridge

ABC Money

Westside Swan

Prodiscus Jokeri

Innova Wedge

Vibram Sole

Crosslap Credo

Legacy Clutch

MVP Anode

Legacy Clozer

Latitude 64 Mercy

Latitude 64 Ruby

Dynamic Discs Judge

Discmania P3

DGA Breaker

Prodigy PA1

Prodigy PA2

Prodigy PA4

Dynamic Discs Suspect

Millennium Omega SuperSoft Putter Big Bead

Millennium Tank - Panzer

Innova Nova

Dynamic Discs Warden

Westside Harp

Axiom Envy

Yikun Claws

Yikun Gui

Yikun Wings

Westside Shield

Prodigy PA3

Latitude 64 Dagger

UB Lex

Gateway Shaman

Paradigm Bird-Dog

Salient Touch

Obsidian Splinter

Axiom Proxy

Skyquest Chainzilla

Discmania P1x

Prodiscus Sparta

MVP Atom

Innova Whale

Reptilian Scale

Gateway Chief OS

Gateway Devil Hawk

Gateway Warspear

Reptilian Serpent

DGA Steady

Legacy Hunter

Westside Swan 1 Reborn

AquaFlight Peace Frog

Legacy Prowler

Innova Hawg

Kastaplast Berg

Latitude 64 Macana

Innova Colt

Latitude 64 Gauntlet

Discraft Roach

Element Iridium

Kastaplast Reko

Black Zombie Chainsaw

MVP Spin

Innova Stud

Guru Mjolner

Element Plutonium

Dynamic Discs Marshal

Innova Mirage

Plastic Addicts Habit

Reptilian Stego

Daredevil Great Horned Owl

Innova Makani

Dynamic Discs Gavel

Discmania P3x

Full Turn Passport

Daredevil Bighorn

Latitude 64 Caltrop

RPM Ruru

Viking Knife

Gateway Voodoo

Gateway Wizard

Viking Rune

Galaxy Magneton

Dynamic Discs Slammer

Innova Aviar 3

Dynamic Discs Deputy

Streamline Pilot

Westside Crown

Latitude 64 Sarek

Discraft Ringer GT

MVP Particle

Innova Rat

Arsenal C4

Discraft Challenger SS

Discraft Challenger OS

Innova AviarX3

Westside Maiden

Infinite Discs Myth

Infinite Discs Tomb

DGA Steady BL

Yikun Hammer

Storm The Crater

Hyzerbomb Tank

Quest Turbo Putt

Dynamic Discs Guard

Innova Bullfrog

Above Ground Level Madrone

Above Ground Level Manzanita

Discraft Luna

Innova Firefly

Latitude 64 Keystone

MVP Entropy

Infinite Discs Scarab

Discmania Tiger Warrior

Streamline Stabilizer

Discmania Link

MINT Discs Profit

Yikun Meteor Hammer

Infinite Discs Cohort

Storm Radar

Disctroyer Sparrow

Discmania Sensei

Discmania Tactic

Discraft Fierce

MINT Discs Bullet

Above Ground Level Baobab

Above Ground Level Ponderosa

Innova Invader

Sune Sport Flow Motion

Prodigy P Model US

Launch Disc Golf Lander

Yikun Xing

Infinite Discs Alpaca

Millennium Omega4

Latitude 64 Faith

EV-7 Penrose

Loft Hydrogen

Divergent Discs Narwhal

Sune Sport Cumulus

Crosslap Shadowplay

Discmania Shogun

Thought Space Athletics Praxis

Fourth Circle Huntsman

Discmania Logic

MVP Nomad

Discmania Razor Claw Tactic

Elevation Disc Golf Koi

Divergent Discs Alpas

EV-7 Phi

Cheengz Zingback

Divergent Discs Nuno

Fourth Circle Huntsman Zero1