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DG Puttheads Disc Finder

Now presenting the disc finder tool. So many of you have asked for a different way to filter and find discs compared to the entire flight chart. Find a disc directly using the search box, or use the filtering tool to narrow down your choices based on specific disc characteristics.

Notice: Discs fly differently for each disc golfer so flight charts are best used to compare possible flight paths amongst multiple discs rather than to decide exactly how a disc will fly for a single disc golfer. It is important to note that a disc golf disc may fly significantly different when molded in different plastic or when well used and this is not represented in our disc golf flight chart matrix. We have done our best to represent flight paths consistent with our real world experience throwing these disc golf discs, but you'll need to get out and throw to truly see how a disc will fly for you. Our goal is to provide the best disc golf flight charts available!