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Disc Golf Plastic Comparison

Disc golf manufacturers use different grades of plastic while producing discs. These plastics offer different quality, grip, firmness, and other features. We've compiled information from each manufacturer to help you compare similar feel and quality plastic across the board. Stability Change is our estimation of how the plastic would affect our flight chart information after a handful of throws. Changes in flight are often subtle. For example, a nearly new Elite Z disc will be slightly overstable compared to an Elite X version of the same disc.

Note: we have grouped the disc manufacturers below based on the company that molds their discs

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Premium Premium Premium Light Recycled Premium Flexible Ultra Durable UD Light UD Glow Colored Glow UD Gummy Durable Mid Grade Mid Grade Soft Firm Base Medium Base Soft Base Super Soft Base Low End Base Glow
Durability Highest Higher Higher Average Higher Higher Higher Higher Higher Higher High Average Average Average Low Lowest Lowest
Break in Slowest Slow Slow-Moderate Fast Slow Slow Slow-Moderate Slowest Slow-Moderate Slow Slow Fast Average Average Fastest Fastest
Stability Change Most Overstable Overstable Slightly Understable Understable Stable Overstable Slightly Understable Overstable Stable Stable Slightly Understable Understable Understable Stable Stable Stable Slightly Understable Understable Understable
Colors Opaque Opaque Opaque Opaque, blended Opaque Translucent Translucent Translucent, Whites Opaque, Pinks and Greens Translucent Opaque Opaque Opaque Opaque Opaque Opaque Opaque Opaque
Firmness/Flexibility Firm to Semi-Firm Semi-Firm Average Average Flexible Firm Average Firm Above Average Flexible Flexible Average Hard Above Average Soft Softest Normal Normal
Innova Shimmer Star Star StarLite EchoStar Gstar Champion Blizzard Champion Champion Glow Colored Champion Glow Gummy Champion XT Pro KC Pro R Pro, JK Pro DX DX Glow
Discmania S Line G Line C Line Glow C Line X Line P Line D Line D Line Glow
Hyzerbomb Frontline Frontline-X Recon Baseline Hard Baseline Baseline Soft
Infinite Discs S Blend G Blend C Blend Glow C Blend I Blend X Blend P Blend D Blend
Millenium Sirius Quantum ET Millenium Standard Delta T Supersoft
Discraft Titanium ESP ESP FLX Elite Z Z Lite Z Glo ESP Glo Z FLX Jawbreaker X X Soft Tough Jawbreaker Pro D Soft Pro D
DGA Pro Line SP Line Glow SP Line D Line
Plastic Addicts Top Line Main Line
Latitude 64 Hybrid Gold Line Recycled Opto Opto Air Moonshine Frost Line Zero Hard Zero Medium Zero Soft Zero Megasoft Retro
Dynamic Discs Hybrid/Lucid X Fuzion BioFuzion Lucid Lucid Air Moonshine Fluid Classic Classic Blend Classic Soft Classic SuperSoft Prime Prime Moonshine
Westside Discs Hybrid Tournament Recycled VIP VIP Air Moonshine Elasto BT Hard BT Medium BT Soft Megasoft Origio
Gateway Evolution Platinum Organic Evolution Diamond Diamond Glow Pure White, Firm $$$, Chalk, Eraser Super Soft Super Stupid Soft, SSSS
Element Discs Hydra Terra Firma Terra
Reptilian Disc Golf Amber Fossil/Fossil Fuel Prehistoric, Organic
MVP Neutron Fission Plasma Proton Eclipse Electron Firm Electron Electron Soft
Axiom Neutron Fission R2 Neutron Plasma Proton Eclipse Electron Firm Electron Electron Soft
Streamline Neutron Fission Plasma Proton Eclipse Electron Firm Electron Electron Soft
Mint Discs Apex Sublime Eternal
Thought Space Athletics Nebula Aura Ethereal Ethos
Prodiscus Ultrium Premium Basic
Full Turn Express Priority Ground
Legacy Icon Legend Pinnacle Ultralight Protégé Gravity Excel
Prodigy 750G 400G 450 400, 400S Air DuraFlex 350G, BaseGrip 300S 350RX 200
RPM Atomic Cosmic Magma Magma Soft Strata
Kastaplast K2 K1 K1 Glow K3
Lone Star Discs Charlie, Founders Alpha Lima Bravo Glow Delta 2 Delta 1 Victor 2 Victor 1
ABC Platinum Gold Bronze
Above Ground Level Treeline
Daredevil High Performance Flex Performance Grip Performance
Galaxy Disc Golf E Class